K – Pop

BoyBand :

tumblr_mar5u3dlXg1qbrmmso1_400      tumblr_m6fu5ddSbH1rxs8dio1_1280       bigbang_alive_album_logo__remaked_by_me__by_ayame9803-d503mp0


shinee_logo_by_bethanyfrancia-d3bqrmk       tvxq_logo       jyj-logo-red_design

img-thing       infinite logo       201001050839221002_1

images (1)       2am-new-logo       tumblr_m691woumAS1rxs8dio1_1280

tumblr_m6abqfgDdr1rxs8dio1_1280       btob-logo-630x231       60643_485824148106355_1580460373_n

tumblr_m68zsv6nFT1rxs8dio1_1280       tumblr_m79zjaRg4f1rxs8dio1_1280       b_a_p_bunny_logo_by_sonkahalx3-d5zlwph

tumblr_m6938aZWyG1rxs8dio1_1280       aass       block-b-logo_design

GirlBand :

5d7a3f5f497113c76cee17b40abddadb       bfib85       320af6fe42a55baad3d9147439a8270c

after-school-logo       2ne1_Logo       logo4minute

images       miss a       a_pink_by_f4jar-d4nz1vt

davichi-5088a4364c3e1       tumblr_m79zc0jgns1rxs8dio1_1280       t-ara-4e4ac89030d07

kara-4fbc135b79b89       girls-day-4e97548b729d8       5dolls-4fd5c24c6373c


Soloist :

tumblr_li47z9bwde1qeikl3       jay-park-joah       Juniel

Rain - Back To The Basic (FanMade Album Cover) Made by Panda       boa-deluxe       se7en

Ailee_Invitation       coverkwill       lee_hi_rose_album_cover_by_omgkpop-d611jop

20101116_huhgak       albumpic20100706_gina_1-460x667       eru

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